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About Techno-Dombai

Our goal is to bring to your awareness our unique centrifugal and automated FUEL FILTRATION SOLUTION for your diesel engines and TANK CLEANING SOLUTION for your diesel storage units and the benefits derivable from using these combined solutions to diesel fuel contamination. Our fuel filtration device removes 100% of both free and emulsified water and 99% of other contaminants from your diesel, thus ensuring that your engine is protected, working at its full capacity and return on investment. our solutions mitigates global warming by the removal of sulphur contents in fuel and thereby achieving a sustainable and green living environment.

Our Services

We specialise in: cleaning and polishing contaminated diesel; storage tanks design & fabrication, piping & calibration, installing HVACC systems, electrical installations, ; project & facility management, I.C engines maintenance.

diesel filtration modules and filters
Fuel Filtration & Tank Cleaning

Our diesel and tank cleaning solutions help your engines run smoothly and last longer.

bunded tanks fabrication
Tanks Fabrication & Calibration

We build, pipe and calibrate bunded storage tanks for storing Diesel with negligible contamination .

generator maintenance
Generator Maintenance

Our Engineers are the industry best in overhauling and maintaining both terrestial and marine I.C engines.

facility management
Project and Facility management

We manage projects and facilities for clients within their budget and time scope

firefighting installations
Fire Suppression

We install home firefighting equipments to ensure your multi-million edifice never goes up in flames!

tank cleaning services
Fuel Monitoring System

Our fuel level sensor works with our GPS tracking device to send live fuel monitoring data to our server.



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