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Diesel fuel is known to be inherently unstable. Solids begin to form, condensation introduces water and the accumulating tank sludge will eventually clog engine filters and potentially damage fuel injection equipment leading to unplanned maintenance and potential engine failure. Our Mobile tank cleaning machine will reverse the degradation process; stabilize the overall quality of the fuels, removes up to 99% of free water in correct conditions and tank sludge. It helps to eliminate microbial contamination from fuel tanks. The tank cleaner can be used during the filling of equipment fuel tanks, the transferring of fuels from one storage tank to another, the filtration of fuel within the same fuel tank or within a storage site. Our tank cleaning service is high tech which makes use of our revolutionary Fuel Filtration Modules built into a pressure tested cleaning equipment which cleans the contaminated fuel tank by suction removal of contamination through multi-stage cleaning methods.

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Our Engineers have years of hands-on experience.


Our Filters are always installed by proffesionals at no extra cost.


Our Clientele includes the Nigerian Navy, Banks etc.


Our Filters are manufactured to international standards.

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  • Experienced Proffessionals
  • Safety Precautions

We build to last, we are the forerunners of African technology, built from home and adapted for the world

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