Diesel fuel is known to be inherently unstable. The presence of moisture supports the growth of BACTERIA in diesel causing DIESEL BUG. This bug and other contaminants impacts on the QUALITY of your diesel leading to POOR PERFORMANCE or TOTAL BREAKDOWN and UNPLANNED MAINTENANCE

TECHNO-DOMBAI TANK CLEANING PROCESS Techno-Dombai revolutionary tank cleaning process removes DIESEL BUG, the WATER that supports them and other contaminants thus improving the QUALITY of stored diesel and engine Performance. Our tank cleaning equipment uses a unique combination of filtration systems and high velocity pumps to thoroughly clean your diesel tanks and filter the stored fuel.

We clean
  • >Underground Tanks (UST)
  • >Cylindrical and Rectangular Tanks
  • >Above ground Tanks (AST)
  • >Horizontal and vertical tanks
Our Advantage
  • >Quick, efficient and cost effective cleaning
  • >Removes water & other contaminants
  • >Fewer filter replacements
  • >Reduces down time & Increases reliability
  • >Tank remains in service during cleaning
  • >Usable fuel is returned to your tank
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