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Our Services

We specialise in:
cleaning and polishing contaminated diesel; storage tanks design & fabrication, piping & calibration, installing HVACC systems, electrical installations, ; project & facility management, I.C engines maintenance.

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Diesel filtration & Polishing

Our diesel and tank cleaning solutions help your engines run smoothly and last longer.

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Storage tanks design & Fabrication

We build, pipe and calibrate bunded storage tanks that stores your fuels without contamination .

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Generator Maintenance

Our Engineers are the industry best in overhauling and maintaining both terrestial and marine I.C engines.

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Facility & Project Management

Our Engineers keep your projects within your budget and time scope

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Firefighting Installations

We install home firefighting equipments that ensure your multi-million edifice never goes up in flames!

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Tank Cleaning

We provide tank cleaning solutions to
keep your engines running optimally.