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Techno-Dombai in partnership with Flagship Engineering Company offers a variety of products and services and is pleased to introduce one of its innovations: the RCI Fuel Filtration Module. When the RCI Fuel filter is fitted in conjunction with a conventional fuel filter, they both work together to ensure that your engine is protected from harmful contaminants. The RCI Filtration Module acts as the ‘FIRST LINE OF DEFENCE’ removing 100% water and 99% of other contaminants (dirt, sand, sludge and grit) thus allowing the delivery of clean and high quality fuel to your engine. It does not require routine maintenance and has a service life up to 7 years. The advantages of using the RCI fuel filtration module include the following; Reduces down time of generators, and other diesel engines due to fuel clogs and nozzle blockages Huge Financial savings from unplanned  replacement of complete generators, trucks or vessels as a result of premature engine knocks and breakdown Elimination of  diesel related engine misfiring and increased power output Reduced corrosion of fuel system and engine components Reduced wear and explosive damage of fuel injection system parts Discourages the growth of ‘ Diesel Bug’ Techno-Dombai Engineering Company and Flagship Engineering are one of the leading providers of RCI Fuel Filtration Systems in West Africa.

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our proposed engineering solutions will increase the service life of your diesel engines (Generators, trucks, buses, etc.),
maximize their capacities and save your organization huge financial losses caused by contaminated diesel.

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Our Engineers have years of hands-on engineering experience.


Our filters are always proffessionally installed at no extra cost.


Our Clientele includes the Nigerian Navy, Banks, et al


Our filters are manufactured to international standards.


Our prices are competitive and cost beneficial.


Our Engineers deliver on time because we can't afford downtimes in critical industries.

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