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Diesel Engines are constantly in high demand for uninterrupted supply of high quality fuel that is free from water and other forms of contamination. It is therefore imperative to make provisions for fuel storage tanks to store and protect the fuel against contamination and theft, so that fuel can be readily available for diesel engines whenever they crave for it. Our team of seasoned and experienced engineers is always available to design, fabricate and deliver high quality and cost effective fuel storage tanks tailored to meet clients’ needs and specifications in terms of capacity and orientation.We design and fabricate tanks of variable shapes and capacities.

Tanks Calibration

Do you receive fuel from your supplier on the assumption that they are always honest? And can you guarantee that fuel delivered by your supplier is accurate and of the right quality? There is no doubt that your fuel tanks need to be calibrated to make certain that the fuel being paid for is commensurate with quantity being delivered. At Techno-Dombai, we have a rich pool of experienced professionals that are capable of providing accurate and detailed calibration of your fuel tank(s) using the latest calibration tools & technologies. Our calibration Services include:
Surface Storage Tanks
Underground Storage Tanks
Rectangular Tanks
Cylindrical Tanks (Vertical & Horizontal)
Spherical tanks, etc

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Our Engineers have years of hands-on experience.


Our Filters are always installed by proffesionals at no extra cost.


Our Clientele includes the Nigerian Navy, Banks etc.


Our Filters are manufactured to international standards.

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  • Safety Precautions

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