The huge demand for constant and un-interrupted power supply in companies, organizations, residential apartments, hospitals has necessitated the need to have power plants to provide reliable backup during power failures. The costly damage resulting from the shortage of fuel to power these plants during critical moments of power failures cannot be over-emphasized as it could lead to

  • Loss of reputation for great establishments
  • Loss of properties
  • Loss of customers
  • Loss of lives e.g. hospital patients, individuals on lifts, etc.

In order to make certain that fuel is readily available to power plants during downtimes, it is therefore imperative to make provisions to store fuel in large and sufficient quantities in STORAGE TANKS to prevent fuel shortages and also protect them against theft and any form of contamination. We have a team of seasoned and experienced engineers always at your disposal, to fabricate your FUEL STORAGE TANKS with high quality materials, in a cost effective approach, and customized to meet your tank specifications in terms of SHAPE, CAPACITY & ORIENTATION.


Did you know that if your fuel tank is not calibrated or accurately calibrated, you are losing MONEY? Why you need to calibrate your tank Due to the current high prices of fuel and its increasing demand, it is therefore pertinent for companies and organizations to maintain accurate inventory of fuel supplies and usage over a given period to enable them gain and maintain high returns on their investment. Avenues for losing fuel & money The following means are various channels fuel suppliers, tank operatives, security agents and individuals could cause management to lose fuel and money on monthly basis when their fuel storage tanks are not accurately calibrated:

  • Under-supply of fuel during fuel deliveries
  • Fuel siphoning by tank/fuel operatives
  • Wastage from the use of fuel during non-essential or working hours
  • General poor storage management
  • Saving cost and increasing your operational profitability

We can put an end to further losses and increase returns on your investments when you allow our team of calibration experts to accurately calibrate your fuel storage tanks using the latest calibration tools and technology. We calibrate fuel storage tanks of various capacities, shapes and orientation:

  • Above ground Surface tanks
  • Rectangular & cylindrical tanks
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Horizontal & Vertical tanks
With TECHNO-DOMBAI, you can be rest assured that your fuel challenges can be efficiently managed to save you cost, increase operational profit and give you peace of mind.

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